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DNP3 to AB PLC through OPC
I have DNP3 devices that push unsolicited updates to an OPC server. I have a CompactLogix PLC that needs to consume that information.
By on 20 November, 2015 - 12:37 pm

I have DNP3 devices that push unsolicited updates to an OPC server. I have a CompactLogix PLC that needs to consume that information.

Do OPC servers have the ability to make the DNP3 information available to the PLC or do I need a SCADA system to shuffle that info between the two?

Are there OPC servers out there that allow me to synchronize tags between the ones that are updated by the DNP3 devices and the tags consumed by the CompactLogix?

Or do I point the DNP3 devices to simply update the same tags that the CompactLogix is consuming?

I feel this is a common scenario so anybody with experience with this concept would be greatly appreciated by me and perhaps other people as well.

Feel free to share the specifics on how you did it or how you would do it. Also, any pitfalls or cautionary tales as well.

In your case, I will consider to use in Controllogix chassis DNP3 gateway such as Prosoft MVI69-DNP.


OPC server will make your tags available to any OPC client. If compactLogix PLC provides capability to poll for OPC tags it can receive/consume/utilize. As far I can recall AB Rockwell uses for RS links for OPC. You may inquire about OPC capabilities at

You may also consider using OPC Data Manager. Data Manager will collect data from DNP3 OPC server and make it available to AB OPC server and forward into your CompactLogix PLC. Check it out here:

By Fred Loveless on 15 January, 2016 - 12:10 pm
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You have several options. Typically most OPC Servers will get the data and serve it to any OPC Client which could then write the data back down to the server and a Contrologix device that it is also connected. IT could even be through a different server.

1. You could use a module that is connected to the ControlLogix which would then bring the data in as IO and your would have to add to the program in the controller to use it.

2. Add logic to an OPC Client to write the data to the ControlLogix when the data is service to it frm the server.

3. Add a bridging software like Kepware's LinkMaster that has the logic built in to read from the server and write back out to other OPC Server items. There are other products like OPC Mirror that to the same thing.

4. Kepware has in its server an DNP3.o driver that will bet the unsolicted events and a ControlLogix driver. It also has a plug-n called Advanced tags. In this plug=in are LinkTags which can be used to read data from one driver and write it out to tags/addresses in another driver. This is all done internally without the need for an external OPC Client.

By scadadoctor on 19 January, 2016 - 12:31 pm

There are Controllogix PLC resident drivers that may accept DNP3 messages directly into the PLC using native Rockwell hardware. I know of similar solutions available. This will reduce layers of HW/SW you may need to put in & will be a cleaner solution. This may cost less than buying the other 3rd party hardware or software solutions.

Also, PC based solution that will require a windows PC somewhere in the system are available that do not carry the overhead of OPC.

Respond if you are interested & I can find more exact info & share with you.

Sonam bang
Parijat Controlware Inc.
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