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OPC Server for TXP-T2000
Finding appropriate OPC for TXP-T2000.
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I am looking for an OPC so as to be able to communicate Teleperm XP-T2000 via terminal bus. I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me in finding some information in this regard, e.g., various types, their functionality, capabilities, etc.


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The OPC server have been working so as to be able to communicate with Teleperm XP-T2000 via terminal bus, to fetch 1000 tags continuous data on an excel worksheet, in office IT environment. A firewall have also been inserted, to protect plant automation system. The only problem is that I&C engineer/IT engineer have to create file afresh @ every 3 weeks period. However this could be solved by having separate database server on IT systems.

Much useful to connect with ABT (Availability based tariff) & performance monitoring systems. (Siemens, Upgrade add on item, site CLP/GPEC India)

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Sharma S K


Thanks for your useful solution. We have had considered OPC server as a possible solution earlier, however, we have faced some difficulties in addressing tags (the naming method). In another word, I cannot understand what do SKZ, FKZ, EA_NAM stand for? Although we have checked Siemens documents carefully, we have not been able to find sufficient information there. I would really appreciate if you could help us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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What do you mean by OPC Server? Where should it be installed? Should I install it on SU or PU of TXP? From which brand should I buy OPC Server?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Do you mean Siemens OPC Server? can you give me some detail info about exact product which i must buy as "OPC Server" to connect TXP via terminal bus?

thanks in advance


I have a perfect solution for you.

1. VMOD (Virtual Magnetic Optical Disk) Server
2. DD (Data Decoder)

1. VMOD is a Long Term - State of the Art - Data Storage and Retrieval System - custom designed for Siemens fitted Power Plants, Desalination Plants and Refineries, where process data archiving of the DCS (Siemens Teleperm-XP/T2000 system) are currently performed via replaceable MOD (Magnetic Optical Disks).

2. DD (Data Decoder) is a software to convert all the data from the VMOD server directly to Excel format or SQL format.

TXP data can be accessed from office as well. (this server already has OPC). no need to refresh n all. it automatically saves all data which can be accesses anytime.. and old MOD data can also be copied to VMOD server and can be converted to SQL or EXCEL format.

Our VMOD server's are already running on many power plants listed below,
1. Ezzel, Bahrain (2 VMOD's)
2. Barka, Oman (1 VMOD)
3. Sagunto, Spain (1 VMOD)
4. Shoaiba, Saudi Arab (6 VMOD's)
5. Shuweihat, Abu Dhabi (2 VMOD's)
6. Torrent Power Sugen, India (3VMOD's)

If you can share the email address of the contact person (I&C) from plant, then I will mail you the soft copy of VMOD brochure.
For any queries please feel free to contact anytime.

Kiran Goge