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Sunday, September 15, 2019
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The I-7567 is a USB to HART Converter
Sending data from SCADA to LabView using HART protocol


i have project on Scada system for acquisition Data from 10 Transmitter and send it to PC (HMI application LabVIEW) with HART protocol. so when the solution i find The "I-7567 is a USB to HART converter." my question is how to access directly to LabVIEW?

Thank you

We suggest to use one of our Hart to Modbus Converters.
For Modbus RTU (serial), you can use HRT-710

For Modbus TCP (Ethernet), you can use HRT-711

A Modbus Library can be found here:

Use an OPC server for HART. I think LabView supports OPC. Please check.

Learn more about OPC from this book: