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Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Wonderware Siemens S7 Communications Issues
Communication errors between Wonderware and Siemens's PLC/s

Trying to get a windows xp box to communicate with 3 Siemens S7 plc's. Customer states it worked once before but has been cobwebbed for 3 years and was dilapidated prior to being cobwebbed.

Wonderware InTouch WindowViewer Version 8.0.1
Wonderware SSC - Version 7,0,100,1

Error, plc name different for the 3 different plc's but same error:
/Info - ERROR(-2): s7_get_cref(cpd=6 conn=WTPPLC): [(23) connection name in CRL not found: make sure the CR-name is correct, and the CP descriptor references the correct CP.]

Using Siemens I/O Server and Siemens CP5613 A2 Profibus Communication Card. Comms work between plc and Siemens programming software.
Under "Topic Name" of the Siemens I/O server the plc is preceded with a # indicating error. All data in the data monitor is bad.

I am weak with Wonderware and weaker with Siemens. I do have a lot of AB experience. Time to learn something new.

Please advise of things to check such as dde or suitelink and is the OPC running and configured. Any advice is much appreciated. I may be able to answer some questions prior to returning to the customers site on Monday.