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Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Creating Groups/Paths in OPC (OpenOPC)
Am trying to figure out how to create Groups and Tags in an OPC Classic server via the OpenOPC client from Barry Barnreiter.

Have taken the covers off OpenOPC - a great tool by Barry Barnreiter for accessing Classic OPC servers from Python. My experience was very positive - getting up and running in some ~15 minutes of downloading and configuration.

However, one use case I can't seem to find how to do is to create tags ( and ideally to be able to create structures - Parent Group ->[ Child Group | ] -> Item tag ).

Perhaps I am missing something. (It may be there but I haven't figured it out). Or perhaps such functionality is simply not available from your standard OPC Client?

If it should be there but isn't I will dig into the API and see if I can extend OpenOPC to support it. However, if it is there and I haven't found it yet perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.


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The OPC Data Access specification does not deal with creating (or modifying, or removing) the items in OPC address space.

If the OPC server allows this to be controlled programmatically, it would be through some channel separate from OPC DA, *or* (a kind of trick). it can theoretically be done through OPC, but as a vendor-specific, proprietary extension that would have nothing to do with OPC standard - and therefore OpenOPC or any other OPC toolkit is not in position to "know" about it.